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5 Signs That Your Car Needs A Brake Check


Whether you’re a road warrior, a weekday commuter or an in-town driver, your brakes won’t last forever. Your mileage may vary, but eventually wear and tear will occur, meaning your braking system could fall into disrepair. Here’s what to look for … and when to know it’s time to come visit your independently owned & operated Meineke for a brake service.


1) Your brake light comes on. Sounds obvious, right? But don’t ignore what your car is trying to tell you. Even if things seem fine, a light on your dashboard could be the first sign of trouble.
2) You hear noise when you apply the brakes. When your brake pads need replacing, the sound will be hard to ignore. If you hear grinding, it’s a sign your brake pads are worn thin. Squealing indicates that the brake pad wear indicator has thinned.
3) Your car pulls to one side as you brake. If your car starts to pull to the left or right, it could mean that one of your calipers has gotten stuck within the braking system or that you have a brake fluid leak. We’ll do a comprehensive inspection to diagnose what’s causing the pull … and get you feeling balanced again.
4) You feel a vibration or shudder when you come to a stop. This could indicate that your rotors have thinned or warped due to heat differences caused by wear.
5) Your brake pedal isn’t as responsive. Temperamental brakes can compromise your safety. If you’re pushing your foot down and your car is slow to respond, it’s time to bring your car in for a closer look. We’ll perform a full evaluation of your brake system to determine what’s worn down and any underlying reasons for excessive wear.


No matter the issue, Meineke is here to help. We’ll evaluate your front brakes and rear brakes to diagnose where the problem lies before further damage is done. A fix today will save you time and money in the long run!

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