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Your glove box: small size, big impact.


The smallest space in your car may actually turn out to be the most important space. Think carefully about what you put in your glove box and be prepared for anything that lies ahead. Most items can be divided into two groups:



  • Vehicle registration/insurance information. It’s the law to have these documents at hand in most parts of the country, so make sure they’re always within reach.
  • ICE Card. No one plans to get into an accident but if you do, every essential, life-saving piece of information can be found right where it should be.
  • Owner’s manual. It knows everything about your car. From fuse box maps to tire changing tips, it’s all there.
  • First aid kit. Choose one that slots nicely into your glove box. It’ll have everything you need including peace of mind.
  • Emergency escape tool. From cutting your seat belt to breaking a window, this tool will be the best and, in some situations, the only way to escape from your car.
  • Flashlight. You don’t get to choose when you break down. A flashlight will make sure you can see no matter the time of day.



  • Hand sanitizer/wipes. It’s 2022. Trust us, you’ll need them.
  • Phone charger. Don’t get caught without one. We rely on our phones for everything, especially directions.
  • Pen and paper. From writing grocery lists to exchanging insurance information, they’ll always be there for you.
  • Face masks. Whatever your views on masks, some places will not let you in without one. So, keep them handy and you’ll never be held back.
  • Healthy snacks. We don’t recommend driving hangry, but we do recommend having something nutritious and tasty within reach.


Your glove box game plan will probably depend on your age, gender, where you live, and whether you’re a parent. Space is limited, so choose wisely and remember to get a free Meineke® eInspection.

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